• Support for Members affected by the bushfires

    RACV is reminding all insurance Members impacted by the Victorian bushfire emergency to get in touch with us to lodge a claim.

    RACV is committed to supporting our Members and we are providing a range of support services. Call 13 19 03 to access.

    This is a very trying time for a lot of Australian and Victorian families and our thoughts remain with those impacted by the Victorian bushfires. Our number one priority is to help Members affected as soon as practically possible. We are here to help.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I able to access grief counselling through RACV Insurance?

Our disaster response customer support program is also available where customers can receive free and confidential counselling by a team of psychologists experienced in providing post-incident support. The program can be accessed by calling our Claims and Assistance Centre on 13 19 03.

Is RACV’s Emergency Roadside Assist still operating during the bushfires?

RACV’s Emergency Roadside Assistance is still operational and we encourage RACV Members to contact us on 13 11 11 for 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance.

However, due to the Victorian bushfire emergency, access to some parts of the state may be restricted, meaning we are unable to provide Emergency Roadside Assistance in those areas.

If access is restricted, RACV Members in impacted areas are encouraged to contact triple zero (000).

What if I’m in a ‘Watch & Act’ zone? Will I still be able to access Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Due to the constantly changing conditions and limited access around a number of ‘Watch and Act’ bushfire zones, requests for services in some areas will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

We are working with our providers in those impacted areas to get real-time information to establish if we can attend to your service request.

If we are unable to attend your service request due to the fire conditions we encourage RACV Members to contact triple zero (000).

Will the Emergency Roadside Assistance providers have all of the available parts for my car if it breaks down?

While our Emergency Roadside Assistance providers make every effort to carry the correct amount of parts and batteries for most makes and models of vehicles, the bushfire emergency has created some parts supply issues.

If we do not have access to the required parts, we will work with members to provide the appropriate support including towing the vehicle to the nearest and safest service centre where feasible and possible.