Aerial view of solar panels fitted at McKenzie Aged Care buildings.

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McKenzie Aged Care Group selected RACV Solar to roll out commercial solar PV system installations across 11 facilities in New South Wales and Queensland.

With previous experience installing large-scale solar systems for clients in health and aged care, we understood that these systems had to be installed without interrupting sensitive 24 hour / 7 days per week operations.

“Management of risk at our facilities and for our clients is essential to our organisation. RACV Solar demonstrated their understanding and ability to work within this sensitive environment and met all our WH&S requirements throughout the multi-site roll out.”

- Craig Pendergast, Group Property & Asset Manager, McKenzie Aged Care Group

Carefully specified and managed by our internal Project Managers and Electrical Engineers, we have successfully delivered these interstate projects through our strong partnerships with competent local contractors.

“RACV Solar was exceptional at dealing with our facility management, keeping our team up to date with day-to-day operations, and has been flexible in their approach to noise management and interactions with our residents and staff. They were vital in us maintaining the high-standard of care we provide.”

- Craig Pendergast, Group Property & Asset Manager, McKenzie Aged Care Group

Project sites 

  1. Seaton Place Aged Care (QLD) – 200 kW
  2. The Ormsby Aged Care (QLD) – 200 kW
  3. Capella Bay Aged Care (QLD) – 200 kW
  4. Buderim Views Aged Care (QLD) – 200 kW
  5. Bribie Cove Aged Care (QLD) – 200 kW
  6. Seabrook Aged Care (QLD) – 200 kW
  7. Glasshouse Views Aged Care (QLD) – 200 kW
  8. Sandbrook Aged Care (QLD) – 120 kW
  9. The Terraces (QLD) – 100 kW
  10. Heritage Aged Care (NSW) – 200 kW
  11. Raffles Aged Care (NSW) – 100 kW

More commercial solar projects

*The statistics for RACV Solar customers have been calculated based on the following assumptions: the site's prior electricity consumption and tariffs, 3D modelling software for commercial and complicated residential sites (identifying shade/structures that impact performance), local sunlight irradiance and climate data, Victorian grid electricity emissions intensity factor of 1.12 kg CO2 eq / kWh, and average home system size in Victoria.