RACV Emergency Home Assist

For times in life when you need help fast


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  • Need help right now?

    For immediate Emergency Home Assist, call 1300 427 228 

  • We usually fix the problem on the spot

    In almost 70 per cent of cases we’ll fix your emergency on the spot. When we can’t, we’ll carry out temporary repairs to secure your home. View the FAQs for more information

  • What's included in a call out?

    Even the cost of labour and minor materials used in the response are included. If your emergency repair requires additional specialised work, we’ll give you expert advice or a free no-obligation quote for the additional work 

  • Which areas are covered?

    We offer help in Melbourne and anywhere up to 50km from a regional centre with a population of 10,000 or more. See if the service is in your area. Soon we hope to cover all Victorians 


  • Card type


    Price per annum*

  • Non-member



  • Blue



  • Bronze (5-9 years)



  • Silver (10-24 years)



  • Gold (25-50 years)



  • Gold 50+ (51+ years)



*Prices valid as of 18 December 2016 and are subject to change.
Exclusions and limitations apply including the provision of some parts and materials. Refer to the Emergency Home Assist Terms and Conditions for more details 
Extra service call outs are $234 each (over the 8 included in RACV Emergency Home Assist)
RACV Emergency Home Assist has a 24-hour qualifying period before emergency call outs can be made. You can secure immediate assistance from us by purchasing a two-year subscription

Why it's great value for money

For the cost of one call out with another tradie, you get up to 8 call outs a year with RACV

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RACV's Emergency Home Assist covers you for the most common home emergencies

  Type of Emergency
A damaged roof, gutter or downpipe causing an internal leak
A blocked toilet, pipe or drain
A burst tap or showerhead
Burst pipe
Broken or burst hot water system - this could be a burst unit, gas or electrical problems, faulty components, or the inability to re-light the pilot light
Broken or damaged heating/cooling system
A blackout or power failure in the house. This excludes area-wide blackouts
Being locked out of the house, or if a key breaks in your lock
Broken door or window, including broken glass, damaged locks, jammed doors or windows
A gas leak