2019 Australian Federal Election

Welcome to RACV’s 2019 Australian Federal Election site

This election we are doing something different. As well as offering our more than 2 million members information on the issues facing Victorians, we have a Take Action form, where you can send messages to electoral candidates and have your voice heard. This is part of RACV and the Australian Automobile Association’s (AAA) My Money. My Transport campaign highlighting the importance of transport investment for the future of our country.

If you want to be more informed before heading to the polls this May, we have also developed curated articles for this year’s Federal Election, all based on our extensive research, policy development and feedback from members. In addition to news articles like this, we’ve developed an election priorities map, which illustrates priority infrastructure and transport asks and issues from regional roads to Metro one and two. Scroll down a little further and you’ll find our ‘Election Wish List’ – a concise overview of what RACV is asking each party to consider ahead the election and the next government to commit to delivering.

What RACV wants from the next Federal Government

A connected major transport network for Melbourne

Population growth has put pressure on Melbourne’s roads and infrastructure, increasing congestion and inefficiencies on our roads. 

To combat the inevitable effects of population growth, RACV believes the Federal Government should play a more proactive role in enabling the infrastructure Melbourne needs.

Improved transport infrastructure and services across Victoria's 10 major regional cities

As Victoria’s population boom spreads into regional areas, it’s essential that transport systems become a focus for investment beyond Melbourne.

RACV believes much needed road, public transport and bicycle infrastructure improvements are required across Victoria's 10 largest regional cities; Ballarat, Greater Bendigo, Greater Geelong, Horsham, Latrobe, Mildura, Greater Shepparton, Wangaratta, Warrnambool and Wodonga.

RACV wants the Federal Government fund the projects outlined in RACV Growing Pains 2018 to ensure regional areas are not left behind and remain great places to live and work.

A fair go on fuel excise expenditure

The current transport system’s failure to keep up with growing demand is harming our economy and our quality of life. The current system of relying on a combination of fuel excise, GST and various Federal and State motoring taxes is complex and broken. 

RACV is calling for an overhaul of the current system for road use charging that considers the type of vehicle used, the location, distance and times of travel, with all revenue from the road use charge reinvested in road and public transport improvements.

A safer highway network across regional Victoria

Alongside RACV’s ask to see improved transport infrastructure and services across Victoria's 10 major regional cities, RACV would like the Federal Government to support three major projects to enhance Victoria’s highway network, making it safer for road users. 

  1. Complete the duplication of the highways to Ararat and Sale to a four-star standard.
  2. Upgrade remainder of major interstate routes to a minimum three-star standard.
  3. Deliver a renewal and maintenance program for Victoria's country highways, with community involvement and greater transparency around road conditions and safety star ratings. 

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Australia’s failing National Road Safety Strategy

In the first few months of 2019, lives lost in Victoria’s roads have increased by 41 per cent year to date, with 77 fatalities from car crashes. These deaths are avoidable, with RACV urging bipartisan support for better federal leadership in addressing road safety and road trauma.

Better prepared for autonomous vehicles

RACV recognises the future benefits of automated vehicles and zero emission vehicles and encourage a holistic approach to better understand the potential benefits, which include improved safety, accessibility and the reduction of emissions. All of which, are of keen interest to Victorians.

RACV would like to see the Federal Government make every effort to anticipate the roll-out timeframe of these technologies to realise the greatest benefit of vehicle automation. Identifying what is needed, and how progress is monitored will help to ensure the country is ready for the new technologies.

Safer laws for children in the car

RACV is urging the Federal Government to prioritise the safety of children this election by changing the law to ensure height, not age is the determining factor when deciding between a car seat or seatbelt. The current law is ambiguous, with parents often moving their children out of booster seats too soon, putting their child at greater risk of head, neck, spinal and abdominal injuries in a crash.

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Reduce cost of living pressures on Victorians

RACV Members have expressed persistent concerns about the cost of living pressures they face, which is understandable given energy prices have risen significantly over the past decade. 

New research commissioned by RACV has confirmed what many Victorians already know too well - Australians are struggling to keep up with ever-increasing cost of living pressures. 

Two thirds of Australians surveyed said that they’ve struggled to pay their energy bills and 80 percent of households admitted to slashing their spending to cover energy costs with electricity becoming the biggest bill.

With not much relief in sight, Victorians need the Federal Government to support practical solutions, transparency and a voice to help change the system.

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Authorised by Bryce Prosser, RACV General Manager Public Policy and Corporate Affairs, 485 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000