Top 10 road fines in Victoria

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1. Speeding

This category dwarfs all the others. Almost 175,000 fines were dished out to speeding motorists in the past financial year. Just under half the drivers fined were 15km/h or more over the speed limit.

Fine: $190-$758

2. Not registering your vehicle

A total of 57,624 fines were given to people using unregistered vehicles, other than motorcycles.

Fine: $758

3. Breaking road rules

Almost 13,000 fines were handed out to drivers who failed to obey the road markings or signs, while around 1200 cyclists were fined for a range of reasons, including not stopping behind a tram and riding the wrong way down a one-way street.

Fine: Up to $758

4. No P-plates

Just under 11,000 young drivers were booked for not displaying their P-plates in the correct manner.

Fine: $152

5. Running red lights

More than 10,000 drivers were booked for not stopping at traffic lights, while 771 cyclists were fined for the same reason.

Fine: $152-$379

6. Using a mobile phone

Hands-free systems are common in new cars, but thousands of people in older vehicles continue to be caught using hand-held phones while driving. A total of 38,318 fines were issued to offenders in this category.

Fine: $455

7. Not wearing a bike helmet

Victoria’s compulsory helmet laws have been up for discussion in recent times, given they are seen to discourage many people from riding to work. For the moment, however, helmets must be worn, which was bad news for the 5390 riders fined for not doing so. On top of that, 38 people who were passengers on bikes were fined for not wearing a helmet.

Fine: $190

8. Annoying people at traffic lights

Almost 300 fines were handed out for illegally “soliciting contributions or employment” on a road. Those fined included people offering to clean windscreens, hitchers and those deemed to be trying to collect money for charities that don’t exist.

Fine: $76

9. Crossing a road in the wrong place

It is illegal in Victoria to cross a road on foot within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing. It’s fair to say that many pedestrians wandering the streets of Victoria would have no idea about the existence of this law, but 150 people were fined for not obeying it.

Fine: $76

10. Getting on or off a moving vehicle

Four people were fined for putting their lives in danger in this way.

Fine: $76

Statistics (2014-15): Victoria Police
Fines (2015-16):

Written by Adam McNicol
February 01, 2016