Bike riding

Two-wheeled transport is a convenient mobility choice and a wonderful recreational pursuit.

Bicycles and motorbikes

Many Victorians get around on two wheels every day. It can be an economical way of commuting, as well as having a lower environmental impact.

It's also a very social form of transport, with both motorbike riders and bicycle riders getting together for organised or informal rides most weekends. 

But every road user – motorists, motorbike and bicycle riders – needs to understand that those on two wheels are usually more vulnerable. Cyclists and motorbike riders should try to keep themselves visible as much as possible to motorists and behave predictably. Motorists should be aware of the possibility of a bicycle or motorbike rider being around and drive accordingly. And people using shared paths along our rivers, creeks and foreshores can make the most of the experience by respecting each other's presence and staying safe and alert.

RACV has a range of policies, programs and initiatives to promote the benefits and safety of motorbikes, bicycles and their riders. It's all about sharing roads and paths to the mutual benefit of one and all.