A handy guide to overhauling your garage

large organised garage

Jenna Meade

Posted August 25, 2021

Start your engines - here’s how to sort out your garage space.

Decluttering your home can feel great until you have to deal with the excess that has inevitably landed in your garage. Tucked out of sight and rarely seen by guests, the garage can often become a dumping ground filled with odds and ends.

But with the right foresight, a good tidy-up and clever storage solutions, it can be transformed into a functional and comfortable space you’ll want to show off.

So roll up your sleeves and your roller door. It’s time to reclaim your garage - and your parking space.

Clean out and group items

Ever wondered what happened to those five hammers? You’re about to find out. Enlist everyone in your house for a garage clean-out. Get rid of the junk you’ve been holding on to, sell or donate the excess and marvel at what lies beneath those years of clutter. Save time by grouping together as you go the similar items you’re keeping, such as gardening supplies, tools and camping gear.

Design your desired layout

Now that you can see what you’re working with, map out your surroundings so you can maximise their potential. Think about how you’ll be using your space and who will be using it. Perhaps you need a dedicated workshop area, a gardening station to pot your plants and herbs, or slimline sports lockers to keep kids' sports equipment - and dirt - out of the house. Dream big, and take your time. Ticking the boxes for every member of the household makes it more likely the space will stay organised.

large organised garage

Dream big, and take your time when it comes to organising the perfect garage. Image: Getty. 


Store upwards, rather than outwards

Your ultimate goal is to park your car inside your garage comfortably, so you’ll need to clear a space. Some garages aren’t as roomy as others, so consider storing upwards rather than outwards. Install racks on your walls for bikes, skateboards and surfboards, high shelving to utilise vertical space and a DIY pegboard wall for tools and supplies. A dedicated wall of containers can be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Nail wire shelves to a blank wall and fill them with equal-sized, labelled containers. Be sure to store your most-used items in the lower rows for easy access.

Take advantage of overhead space

No rafters insight? No worries. There are other ways to create space in your garage roof. It’s easy to overlook ceiling storage, but the space above your car is prime real estate. Suspended shelving can get those bulky boxes, ladders and camping gear safely stored up high. Another bonus is that your belongings will be kept in pristine condition, away from pests and dampness. 

Free up floor space

You’ll want to be able to roam freely around your newly freed-up surroundings. No matter what space you’re working with, you can transform every nook into its own workable area. Think corner shelves for tight spaces, magnetic strips for screwdrivers and paintbrushes, and cabinets with wheels that grant you the freedom to constantly switch up your setting. Grab-and-go baskets at the door are handy spots for on-the-go essentials. Hang a tiered organiser or basket for your reusable shopping totes, doggy waste bags and sun hats. Add a hook for an umbrella - it’ll be dry the next time you need it.

Make sure it’s safe

The garage is usually the home for hazardous items. If you’ve got kids or pets in your house, it’s essential to allocate a safe and secure area to store your chemicals and dangerous items like sharp tools. Choose a safe place up high or install a lockable cabinet. Check each product first for its individual storage instructions, and always keep your garage door clear of clutter to allow for good ventilation.

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