The hot interior design and home décor trends for 2022

Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 - Wonder Palette

Jessica Taylor Yates

Posted February 01, 2022

Prepare to see a lot more earthy tones, curves, and groovy 70's vibes in 2022 as retro themes make yet another comeback in 2022.

The last two years has seen our homes evolve to include a full-time office, full-time day-care centre, and part-time relaxation retreat. As more and more homes are becoming a multipurpose space, the need for change, renewal, and projects has soared.

The trend for multiuse and updating will continue into 2022, which Dulux Colour and Communications Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says has fundamentally changed the way we utilise our space and the open-plan concept.

“Builders have found that people want to modify designs on how to best utilise a space, being mindful of noise that carries and utilising the outdoor area, and are being more considered in their planning,” she says. 

As well as redefining our space, we’ll be looking to differentiate the feeling we have in each zone by styling them with purpose and colour, like calm earthy tones in the bedroom. “People need colour for an emotive connection and to differentiate spaces,” says Andrea.

Expect 2022 trends to feature earthy tones, indoor plants and sustainable living as we become more aware of how we can help the planet in our everyday lives, purchases and décor. 

Top interior colour trends for 2022

Earthy tones

After a turbulent two years, Dulux's colour forecast focuses on three key palettes – one based on earthy tones aligned with strength, security and the earth. These are soft, subtle colours that give a sense of warmth and colour that allow people to “branch out into colour without it taking over the space,” Andrea advises.

These colours reflect the need to create a space of harmony and relaxation, providing a space that feels safe and secure after the stress the pandemic has had on the home. 

For 2022, they range from earthy greens to the grey-beige, which are easily adaptable and are colours that Andrea says “are placid, pair back the space and easily match the home.”

Think painting a wall in a study nook, or upcycling a lounge room buffet. 

Flourish and prosper

This trend is for those feeling 'reawakened'. New freedoms bring a sense of liberation, freedom and experience, in what is depicted as to 'awakening a desire to experience everything.' Think sensual hues like dusty rose, moody blues and a pop of gold to help enliven the senses in your own abode. 

Whimsy and wonder

While there are those who prefer a more subtle palette above, one size doesn’t fit all, and some are looking towards a new positive mindset for 2022. And what is more positive and reawakening than bright colours? 

For this trend, think colours like PANTONE’s Colour of the Year 17-3938 Very Peri, peachy hues and lemon yellows. Andrea favours the Pax purple, which she says provides a “calm and soothing” vibe, while the Edvard green will look great on anything from walls to great décor items. 


And the Pantone Colour of the Year is....(drumroll)...Very Peri 17-3938. Image: Getty.
Earthy tones "are placid, pair back the space and easily match the home" says Andrea. Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 - Restore palette. Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen // Image has been modified for article.
Liberation and excitement await. Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 - Flourish palette. Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen // Image has been modified for article.
The PAX purple is designed to give a 'soothing' vibe, whilst still being playful in nature. Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 - Wonder palette. Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen // Image has been modified for article.

Trendy home décor styles

Living in the 70s

You can thank Generation Z for this one. With the resurgence of flares and kitschy colours alongside the welcomed-back penchant for dinner parties, 70s décor is once again groovy. 

But before you start dusting off the lava lamp, beware of the trends that can date your home. This has more to do with dinnerware than shaggy rugs and a boogie at your Home Studio 54. Think colourful glassware, curved and colourful light fixtures, patterned lampshades and retro ceramics. 

Making your mark

As a new rise in individual expression and idealism comes to the forefront, this can be seen in our homes and the way we live. People are done with ‘cookie cutter’ homes.

Instead, trends for 2022 are about making the house truly your own, as people look for what Andrea calls “an emotive connection, and to differentiate spaces.”

Whether this is from handmade and artisan goods, a new coat of paint, making your own gallery wall or bookshelf to admire, displaying your collector's items or showcasing art and knick-knacks from your travels, make 2022 the year to truly make your home your own space. 

Keep it green

Sustainable living is not just a trend, but a mindset making its way into our homes. As well as more sustainable gardens that people have more time to tend to as the work from home trend continues, people will continue to bring the outside in, with indoor plants, solar and earthy greens staying dominant both in and outside.


Did someone say disco? Get excited, because 1970s glassware and dinner parties are back. Groovy baby. Image: Getty.
Cookie cutter is best left behind while blending your tastes with modern trends like curved lighting, different textures and indoor plants. Image: Getty.
Bring inner peace by bringing the outside in. Image: Getty.

Home styling trends

Shapes: Get ahead of the curve

2022 will be the year of the curve. Think arched doorways, curved accents on your benches and tables, rounded mirrors, and rounded couches to blend with your 70s décor. 

Textures: All at once

Going along with the individualised aesthetic, mixing and matching of different textures is paramount to creating an elevated sensory experience in the home. 

When speaking on how décor can affect mood, The Den Interiors principal designer Julianne Bull said that she loves working with texture “because it can immediately evoke a sense of comfort and warmth in you.” 

Mixing and matching textures can bring out your inner interior designer - items like velvet chairs and rattan cabinets or a curved boucle couch with a cashmere throw, all help to create interest and expression. 

Aesthetics: Blurred Lines

Whether your life has felt like it’s been zig-zagging or you’re ready to get back on the straight and narrow, the use of geometric lines is having a big impact this 2022. Think slim lines around window furnishings, geometric line prints in rugs and pillows, mosaic tiles, and patterned artworks.


I like your curves. Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 - Restore palette. Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen // Image has been modified for article.
A mix of curves, textures and individualised aesthetic combine in this uniquely designed space. Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 - Flourish palette. Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen // Image has been modified for article.
A mix of textures, lines and curves on display. Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 - Flourish palette. Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen // Image has been modified for article.

Renovation and outdoor living inspirations

Starting fresh

While renovating and redecorating is nothing new, spending a large portion of the last few years within our own four walls has many itching for a change. 

Renovation projects can also be expected to be amped, after many homeowners were forced to put their plans on hold during the pandemic.

“People are spending more on the home than they otherwise would have on holidays and going out, and when you spend so much time in one place, you need change," says Andrea, "This can bring a great sense of satisfaction – changing up a feature wall or even some linen can make a big difference to the way you feel and connect in that space.” 

Upgrades, as well as helping change up the space and making it ‘your own’, are nearly always a great investment when the time comes to sell.  

Embracing the outdoors

While trends for décor and colour are normally concentrated on the inside, the pandemic has forced many to see outside as the preferable option for socialising, including at home. “In the last few years, there’s been a real emphasis on the garden and having spaces that adapt and allow more flexibility,” says Andrea.  

This means more dedication to defining an outdoor entertaining space, whether that’s having fun with brighter colours outdoors, or for those wanting to keep things simple, Andrea advises using “lots of warm neutrals and deep hues.”


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