Valentine’s Day card and gift ideas

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Jessica Taylor Yates

Posted February 09, 2022

Whether it’s a fancy gift or a heartfelt card, there’s no single answer as how to show your love this Valentine’s Day. Here's some inspiration to get you started. 

Valentine's Day became popularised by famed writer William Shakespeare in stories such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet. It was later commercialised by Hallmark in the early 1900s with the start of Valentine’s Day cards.

So, whether you think Valentine's Day is romantic or commercialisation at its finest, there’s no doubt the 'day of love' gets people talking every February 14. From hearts and roses to cards and flowers, romance in Australia is big business - worth an approximate $1.1 billion to retailers.

Before you break the bank needlessly, here’s our easy guide for gifts and cards to give to someone special this Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentine card ideas

Expressing yourself in words is just one of many cute Valentine's ideas that doesn’t cost much, but is appreciated for its thoughtfulness when coming straight from the heart. If words are your significant other’s love language, some Valentine’s card ideas include: 

  • DIY: Going to the effort of constructing a one-of-a-kind card for your loved one shows you have put in time and effort. You could cut out love hearts, paint the two of you, get crafty on a funky envelope, or make it heart or flower-shaped for a fun spin on an old favourite. 
  • Edible: Is your partner one whose way to their heart is through their stomach? Why not try a love heart cake with piped icing messaging or a giant heart cookie to show your love? 
  • Interactive: Who said a card was just a poem? You can make it a colour-in, write with hidden ink, have little ones help with finger painting, or add in a game like a word search or crossword about the two of you. 
  • Creative: A card doesn’t just have to be a rectangular item from the shops. Try folding it into a paper plane and let them know you make their heart soar (if they’re into cliches, that is). Put 20 things you love about them on tiny hearts in a small jar for them to pick out, or make your card a pop-out or a photo collage. 
  • Sentimental: If you have a way with words, consider writing a card letting your partner know why they are the one. You could even fill it with quotes from favourite songs, books or movies, some ‘punny’ sayings (I love ewe on a sheep, you’re shrimply the best, you stole a pizza my heart...thank you, I’ll be here all week...) and add in a stunning card and envelope for a romantic and thoughtful touch. 

Remember, you don’t have to be great at art, as with things from the heart, it’s the thought that counts! 


making your own Valentines day card

Making your own card doesn't cost much, but shows you have put thought, effort and consideration into your partner. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! Image: Getty. 


Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas 

Some people prefer to simply give a card or spend the day together on a wonderous date. Others show their love through gifts (or in some cases, you want all of the above). Whether you are looking for the best Valentine gift ideas for him or her, here’s our pick of the best Valentine’s presents to treat your partner with on the day of love. 

Best Valentine’s gifts for him

Whether you are looking for the best valentine gift for your boyfriend, spouse, husband or partner, letting someone know you’ve put thought into what they like is a great way to show your appreciation for your loved one. Some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him include: 

  • Beauty: Who said a man can’t feel beautiful? From his favourite cologne to shaving kits, a luxurious foot bath or a pamper session, treat the man in your life in style this Valentine’s Day. 
  • Food and wine: A classic gift that never goes out of style, whether your man is a wine connoisseur, a gin man, or a classic beer lover, you can never go wrong with a man’s favourite drink.  
  • Tools and outdoor gear: Is your man more of a classic rugged type? Whether it’s some new work boots, a handy new tool belt, or a BCF gift card, this type of guy likes a gift that is handy and functional. 
  • Sports accessories: Is your partner into his health and fitness? Support their passions with a gift that will elevate their performance. Whether it’s cycling clothing and accessories, footy shorts, swimming gear, or accessories for the boat, a useful gift that also piques their interest is a sure-fire way to say, ‘I get you.’

Best Valentine gift ideas for her

While chocolates, heart-shaped candies, and a card are a classic, those looking to up their game might want to get a bit more creative when looking at the best Valentine’s Day ideas for her. Whether your girl is low key or a high-flying adventurer, here’s our list of the best Valentine gift ideas for the woman in your life: 

  • A trip: Who doesn’t love a holiday? Even better when you don’t have to plan it! Whether you want to stay local at a resort in your state or you’re looking for an interstate or overseas holiday package, pull out all the stops with a Valentine’s Day trip she’ll remember for a lifetime. Plus – you get to enjoy it too! Win-win. 
  • Flowers: If all else fails, flowers are a safe choice. Rather than picking up a dozen red roses that tend to cost a fortune this time of year, consider opting for something more homely or decorative.  
  • Jewellery: If the lady in your life is a lover of fine things, one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her is a classic piece of jewellery she will have for years to come. Take note of her personal style – silver or gold? Trendy or classic? Does she tend to wear large earrings, or dainty pieces? Putting some thought into your gift means it will be worn with pride - just make sure if you’re going all out that the jewellery is properly insured. 
  • A spa day: If there’s one thing all sexes love, it’s a day of luxury. Consider treating your female partner to a day at the spa. Whether it’s a massage, facial, or a revitalising body treatment, she’s sure to arrive home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 
  • A voucher: A voucher or an e-gift card may not seem that romantic, but if your partner is the kind who knows what they want, let them get it – just try to make the card or the way you deliver it fun and creative to add some personality.

And remember – Valetine’s Day is not just for couples. Whether you’re spending it with your ‘Galentines,’ your kids, family, or looking to just treat yourself, the Day of Love is for everybody.


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