7 future-proof careers paths for the next generation

Using technology when farming

Jenna Meade

Posted February 18, 2022

While these days, the butcher and baker are likely to stay in business for longer than the candlestick maker, some areas are better than others for job security. 

Like the clerk at Blockbuster or the telephone operator, there are some jobs we simply won’t need in the future. A study by CSIRO and the Australian Computer Society found almost half of Australian jobs were at risk of automation over the next 20 years. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, digital technology has become even more important to Australia’s businesses, workforce, and economy. There has also been a major population shift away from the metropolis as more and more workers venture to regional areas – now able to work remotely, creating new prosperous regional business hubs. 

While technological advancements continue to change the way workforces operate, there are sectors facing significant growth, with the promise of a stable and sustainable future for their workers. 

So for all the high-school, university and tertiary students out there, you might want to consider these career paths before you begin the next semester's subjects. 

Future-proof career paths


It’s tool time, for a long time. Builders, plumbers, electricians, and other trades are continually in demand as the world continues to develop. While some robots have been designed to lay bricks, and 3D printing can create some incredible things, it will be quite some time before a robot can fix your leaky tap.

Some tradespeople are already using technological advancements to their benefit, such as virtual reality to better design homes, along with new and improved tools to work faster – not harder.

There are hundreds of different avenues when looking to become a tradie, from builders and boilermakers to plumbers and painters. Many are available through RACV Trades.  


There will always be patients in need of a nurse’s expert knowledge, while doctors and medical specialists in need of their helping hands. While doctors have been able to diagnose some patients via video link during the pandemic, someone will always be needed to do the hands-on work like administering injections or changing bandages. Particularly with our ageing population, aged care nurses, carers, and home-care aides are increasingly in higher demand.


Nurse using technology

Whilst medical science evolves in technology, nurses will always be needed. Image: Getty. 



Though The Jestsons promised flying cars in the future, we’ll always need mechanical experts to tend to our vehicles. Whether they are autonomous, three-wheeled, or flying in the sky, cars will always require regular servicing and repairs. 

As well as technological growth, there’ll be significant growth of cars on our roads, as one report predicts that the global number of cars on the road will nearly double by 2040. With an increasing number of vehicles, Roadside Assistance will become equally as important for our roads. 

Data scientist

As technology evolves, so too do job opportunities throughout the IT field. From front-end website developers to cyber security analysts, the digital world continues to be a lucrative and future-proof career platform. Data is the new corporate currency, and a data scientist analyses raw and structured data to provide insights and help businesses hit their goals. They're part mathematician, part computer scientist, and part trend-spotter, and they’re only becoming more in-demand.

UX designer

Good design is critical to the success and lifespan of a product, and a good designer helps the product make sense to users or buyers. While some design is tangible, like home interiors, fashion, and video games, others are cleverly hidden such as user experience design for a website. Either way, design is a field requiring uniquely human skills - like creativity, empathy, and critical thinking - that simply can’t be replaced by robots. As the design industry merges with future advances, we’ll begin to see more innovative roles such as wearable technology designers.


Flying car future

A mechanic for flying cars? Never say never. Image: Getty. 



Ask parents who had to homeschool during the pandemic, and they’ll quickly attest to the immeasurable value of a good classroom teacher. As teaching methods evolve and become more accessible, largely thanks to online learning demand continues to rise across the world for qualified teachers. From early childhood educators all the way to school principal, there will always be a need for teachers to inspire our next generation of thought-leaders.


Even with an apple a day, we’ll still need to visit the dentist each year. So as long as people are eating, we’re going to need dentists. At the very least, most people will commit to an annual check-up. Others enlist their dentist for cosmetic enhancements including veneers, whitening, and implants. Dental assistants will be as equally in demand, with the savvy sidekicks ready to prep patients for examinations and assist with cleaning and treatments.


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