Home security tips to help burglar proof your home


David Toscano

Posted October 08, 2021

Ballarat, Glen Eira, Moonee Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Boroondara are amongst the safest Local Government Areas in Victoria, new data reveals.

The data comes off the back of the launch of How Safe is My Place - a new tool developed by RACV and trusted safety organisation Neighbourhood Watch.

How Safe is My Place helps homeowners determine how safe their home is from burglary and what they can do to improve overall security.

The tool comes in the form of a free online quiz that asks a series of questions to enable Victorians to assess how safe they are. The questions highlight ways of improving safety, with a report emailed to the participant at the end of the quiz.

The data is used by Neighbourhood Watch to identify communities where they can assist neighbours to work together and encourage people to get involved by starting up a new group or joining one that already exists.

Neighbourhood Watch CEO Bambi Gordon said the more people know their neighbours and get involved, the safer they feel.

“Recent data findings from the How Safe is My Place tool has shown that Ballarat, Glen Eira, Moonee Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Boroondara  all rated in the top five scores for safeness – in that residents in these areas are more likely to have undertaken the simple things they can do to keep home and family safe."

Neighbourhood Watch How Safe Is My Place data findings

Top 5 Average Safeness (score out of 10):

  • City of Ballarat: 8.6
  • City of Glen Eira: 8.06
  • City of Moonee Valley: 7.97
  • Shire of Mornington Peninsula: 7.86
  • City of Boroondara: 7.8

Ms Gordon says the tool also provides valuable insight into how households could make their homes safer and more secure.

“The tool gets you thinking about your current home security and what you can do to protect your home in terms of practical advice and tips,” she says.

And while some instances of home burglaries are unavoidable, simple changes are all that's needed to better protect your personal safety and contents.

Home security tips to help burglar proof your home

Get to know your neighbours and local community
Introducing yourself to neighbours, exchanging contact details, checking in regularly about suspicious activity in your local area, and joining a Neighbourhood Watch group are all ways that can help prevent opportunistic crime in your street and suburb.

Social media is a great place to find, join and participate with established community groups.

And of course, take the quiz and use the How Safe is my Place tool.

Speak with those in the know

Your local council and police station are great places to learn more about crime trends in your LGA. Use these insights to understand crimes to look out for and put in place strategies that mitigate risk.

Lock your doors, windows and garages

It might sound obvious, but many Victorians make things easy for burglars by failing to lock up their properties and valuables properly. Go the extra mile and make things as difficult as possible for thieves by installing and using door deadlocks, window locks, strong security doors and of course, safes.


two people working on a table with laptops

It can be easy to lose track of making sure your home is safe and secure.

Have a safe drop-off point

Ensure that your letter box is only accessible via lock and key and that you have a safe place for delivery drivers to drop off online purchases. Instruct delivery drivers not to leave online parcels in full sight, such as your front door.

Keep valuables out of sight

Leaving valuables and luxury items such as jewellery, watches, electronic devices or car keys near windows or in plain sight can be an invitation for thieves to act. Always make sure that these items are difficult to find when you’re away from home.

Secure valuable documents and identifiers

Identity theft is a growing issue with more of our life taking place online. Many Victorians increase their risk of identity theft by leaving key documents such as passports, tax returns, bank statements and utility bills out in plain sight for thieves to steal.

Keep your garden neat and tidy

Overgrown trees and bushes near common break-in points such as side and rear windows and doors can empower burglars to break into your property with minimal risk of being seen.

If you prefer a rugged look to your garden, consider installing sensor lights.

Furthermore, ensure that your bins are placed out on bin night – a trusted neighbour can help with this – and that cars are parked in your driveway or outside of your house if you’re away on holiday.

Going private on social media

Unfortunately, envy-inducing Instagram pictures or Facebook posts from Noosa or Nice are an easy way for online opportunists to ascertain that you’re far, far away – and not returning home anytime soon.

Consider locking down your social media accounts to private mode when you’re interstate or overseas to ensure that only trusted friends and family can see your holiday snaps, until you’re back sleeping in your own bed. 

Leave a spare set of keys with a trusted person

Obvious places - such as under the doormat – are among the first places thieves check for a set of spare keys to gain easy access to your home. If you’re really concerned about locking yourself out, install a Smart Lock that can be opened with a code or via a smartphone, or leave a spare set of keys with a trusted friend or family member.

Invest in security equipment and check that it works

Alarm systems and CCTV cameras are good deterrents and very effective when they’re working. Make sure you have them routinely tested and serviced by a licensed security technician and advertise their use on your property via signs at your gate, garage or entrance area.

RACV Home and Content Insurance can safeguard you from financial loss in the event of something unexpected.

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