6 tips to keep your car clean and organised

messy interior of car

Jenna Meade

Posted January 13, 2022

Has your car’s organisation cruised out of control? Pull in for a pit stop. It’s time to reclaim your ride.

Whether you use your car to commute, chauffeur kids or for weekend getaways, it’s easy to accumulate clutter alongside your adventures.

But organising your car doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. From clever cleaning hacks and creating flow to smart storage solutions and making the most of your boot space, here are six simple steps to get you back into gear.

6 tips for an organised car

Clear out the clutter 

Begin by banishing the belongings. Have the bin handy as you empty out your car, throwing out the trash and building a pile of possessions that need to go back into your house or garage. As well as clearing space, you’re also making sure these items rolling around in your car aren’t causing excessive wear and tear. 

Clean and gleam

As well as your usual car cleaning routine, spend extra time tackling the more intricate odd jobs. A spare toothbrush will be a handy sidekick here. Use it to get dirt and crumbs out of the seams of your seat cushions, to lightly brush marks off your vinyl and to scrub whitening toothpaste onto your headlight covers to get them glowing again.

Clean dust in the air vents with a big fluffy make-up brush and remove stubborn bug splats by spraying cooking oil and gently rubbing with a microfibre cloth. Still can’t get pet hair out of your upholstery no matter how many times you vacuum? A lint roller will work wonders. 

Sort out the space

Splitting your car into sections will help to create flow. Consider the front row of your command centre, where you’ll stash your essentials. Keep in sight items you use often, like a phone charger, water bottle and hand sanitiser, and neatly pack away the lesser used in your glove box, such as sunscreen and tissues. 

Designate the back seats to kids, pets or other passengers. Ensure you have enough space to be able to easily get them in and out - and for their toys and accessories. Your boot will house all the well-organised excess, such as gym gear, school bags and tools.

Add clever compartments

Boost breathing room with a bounty of storage solutions. Line cup holders with silicone baking cups to catch spills and crumbs, hang a shoe organiser on the back of the front passenger seat to hold everything from tissues to kids toys, and clip on a carabiner to hang ironed clothes or umbrellas.

Invest in a large organiser to store all your documents like insurance details, owner’s manual and servicing receipts. Keep a small pad of paper in there in case of any accidents. 

Kit out your boot

Time to tackle the junk in your trunk. Use a boot organiser to store your on-the-go essentials, such as a first aid kit, cleaning supplies and jumper cables.

If you’re short on space, opt for an organiser that hangs from a backseat headrest. A storage container is perfect for holding school bags and groceries, so they don’t roll around.

Keep a handful of reusable shopping bags in sight, and always return them to the same spot once you’ve finished unpacking your groceries. You can also use them as temporary rubbish bins, and to store wet swimming or sweaty workout gear until you get home.

Stay on the tidy track

Now that you’ve reclaimed your ride, it should be easier to keep it tidy. Beat a build-up of rubbish and clutter by sticking to the mantra ‘what goes in, must come out’. Remind all your passengers - and yourself - to take their trash, toys and food with them each time they leave the car.

Keep cleaning supplies on hand so you can take care of quick jobs as they happen. Baby wipes will mop up spilt coffee and microfiber cloths will clean your dash, windows, and even your sunglasses.