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RACV is the largest member organisation in Victoria.  There are more than 2.1 million members in 75 per cent of all Victorian households.  

The RACV member magazine, RoyalAuto, is the largest circulating publication and most read monthly magazine in Victoria.

It is a quality publication that provides a large reach at a low cost per copy.

Fast facts

Circulation: 1,434,671 (CAB September 2016)
Frequency: Monthly (including a combined December/January issue)
Pages: 92 gloss pages, stapled
Delivery: Addressed mail via Australia Post across seven days

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  • News

    Browse through the latest news from RACV in RoyalAuto magazine. We discuss the latest cars, road safety issues, member advice, success stories and events.
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  • Motoring

    Read the latest news in motoring from RACV in RoyalAuto magazine. We investigate the latest cars, road news and transport issues for Victoria and Victorians.
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  • Travel

    If you're hitting the road, sailing away or getting ready for take-off, read advice from RoyalAuto magazine with reports, suggestions, tips and tricks about where to go and what to do.
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  • Home

    Get home and community news from RACV and RoyalAuto. There 's lots of advice about home safety and security, RACV community involvement, food and wine and more.
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  • Blogs

    Read the online blogs for the RACV magazine RoyalAuto. There are regular posts about local travel and events, food and member groups.
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