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RACV is strengthening its voice in advocating for safer communities, better homes and lower cost-of-living pressures for Victorians

Netta M Griffin
President & Chairman of the Board

RACV President Netta M Griffin
RACV President Netta M Griffin

For 45 years, RACV has been offering advice and support for your home and this year we will continue to strengthen our voice in advocating for safer communities, reducing cost-of-living pressures, and building better homes for Victorians. 

In winter, as the temperatures plummet around the state, we can follow some simple yet effective tips to protect our families, properties and budgets. 

Unless your home has a six-star energy rating, it can be difficult to efficiently retain the heat. Some basic steps we can all take in our homes to keep them warm include checking door and window seals, insulating your roof and comparing energy providers.  

RACV’s Energy Compare tool has empowered Victorians to break free from outdated plans, with our data showing families can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills just by switching providers. 

We also see the highest number of house fires in winter. Therefore, it is important for everyone to complete a home audit or organise a home safety inspection to protect yourself from costly emergencies. PropertySafe is a company that offers inspection reports on more than 100 hazard areas in your home. 

Last winter, more than 14,000 households were helped by RACV Emergency Home Assist with blocked pipes, gas heater faults, and flooding due to blocked gutters. Many of these emergencies can be avoided if we take the time to check our homes regularly. On average, Emergency Home Assist is attending a home every 12 minutes across both metro Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

RACV’s focus on the home will continue to see the development of more products and services across security, insurance, home repairs and maintenance, all of which will provide support to our members in their homes.  

An example of a new RACV product that helps members in their homes is single item insurance, which offers an alternative to contents insurance and a new way for our members to protect the things they value the most. Since its launch in December, we now have more than 1000 members holding this type of policy.  

Our homes are often our retreats, particularly during Victorian winters when we tend to hibernate and spend more time at home with family and friends. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant and ensure it is a safe and comfortable place to be, and RACV will continue to look for ways to help members in their homes.