Day 3 - Avoca to Dunolly

Great Victorian Bike Ride 2015 Blog

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Hi, hot dry weather conditions predicted. Today was dress up, Go for Gold, theme day, riders encouraged to dress up as their sporting heroes.

Cycling through farm land with plenty of evidence of the 2 years of drought that has stricken the area. Lunch at Maryborough Harness Racing Club, a welcomed air conditioned building and some lovely shady trees to relax under. The wind had picked up after lunch,  which made the ride into Dunolly a little more challenging.

Once again a wonderful welcome from the local community groups, including a chance to have a photo with the replica of the, "Welcome Stranger", gold nugget. Whilst many riders headed straight to the local pool to cool off, I opted for a stroll around the historic buildings of Dunolly. A fair amount of dust around this camp, stirred up by high winds.

Ruth's overheard quote of the day, heard along the side of the road by the local children waiting for their school bus. "We are going to be late for school today because of all the bike riders,  Yippee!"

Highlight of the day was the Jam Session with local musicians providing instruments and backing vocals, encouraging bike riders to join.

Low light (not really), but for excitement, right on dinner time a huge wind storm, came and went in 10 minutes, creating fear, panic and pandemonium around camp.

Written by Ruth
November 30, 2015