Follow up an existing claim

Who does the repairs?

  • By choosing from our Partner Repair network we can get you back on the road sooner. Any repairs carried out by one of our Partner Repairers come with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship for as long as you are the owner of the car.
  • You'll need to attend a 20 minute inspection at our Partner Repairer, where they'll inspect the damage and book your car in for repairs at a time that suits you.
  • Our repairer will keep you updated on the repairs but we're here to help if you need us.
  • You may choose a repairer outside of our network if you have added the 'Any Repairer' option, although you may need to manage the repair process yourself.

What if my car can't be repaired?

If there's considerable damage to your car or the repairs cost more than its value, your car may be written off (also known as a 'total loss'). If this happens:

  • We'll pay you your car's agreed or market value minus an excess if required, and on road costs (such as unused registration)
  • Your policy will end and there will be no refund or transfer of your premium. If you pay monthly, we'll deduct any unpaid amounts from your settlement. If there's secured finance on your car, we'll pay the outstanding loan to the credit provider, and the remaining balance to you
  • We keep your damaged car

The amount we pay you and deductions that apply will be different based on the level of cover you chose.

We understand that a total loss claim can be unexpected. We'll explain the next steps in detail if we settle your claim this way.

What if I'm not happy with the repairs?

We recommend you first speak with the repairer about your concerns. If you're still unhappy, please contact us and we'll discuss the next steps.

For repairs that we've authorised, we offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship for as long as you are the owner of the car.

Do I get a hire car?

If your car has been stolen, we will provide a hire car for up to 21 days with our Comprehensive policies. If we agree you are not at fault and you can identify the at fault party, we may be able to arrange a hire car at no cost to you. For any other types of incidents, if you have hire car cover included in your policy, one will be organised for you on the day you drop your car at one of our Partner Repairers (or before if your car cannot be driven).

To check whether you have hire car cover included in your policy, log into your My Membership Online account. If you don't have hire car cover we can arrange one for you at a discounted rate.