Should I claim?

Am I covered?

Call RACV Claims on 13 19 03 anytime to discuss lodging a claim, or start a claim by clicking on the button above.

Based on the incident type and your policy with us, we'll confirm what's included in your cover. We'll also explain your options to get your car repaired and a hire car.

You can also find full details on policy coverage in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

The damage to my car is minor, should I even make a claim?

If the cost of repairs to your car is less than the excess payable, you may choose not to make a claim. The easiest way to confirm the cost of repairs is to start a claim and we'll get one of our Partner Repairers to inspect the damage. We'll also confirm whether making a claim will impact any future premiums.

Do I need to pay an excess?

An excess is payable for the majority of claims unless there's another person that we can recover the costs from i.e. the driver of the other car who caused the accident.

You'll need to pay an excess if:

  • You were the at-fault driver in an accident
  • The accident wasn't your fault but you don't have the details of the at-fault driver
  • Your car was damaged by an event e.g. hail during a storm

Simply start a claim online and we'll confirm if an excess is payable.

There's dispute over who caused the accident. What should I do?

If you're unsure who caused the accident or there's a dispute over which driver was at-fault, we'll use all the information you provide us along with our knowledge of the road rules to decide. We may ask you and the other party to provide statements, diagrams or photos to help us make that decision.

If you’re found to be at-fault for an accident, you will need to pay the excess.

If we agree that the accident wasn't the fault of you or the driver of your car, and you can provide the name and residential address of the driver that we agree is at-fault, then you may not need to pay the excess.