What details do I need to give for my claim?

The most important information to obtain from the incident is the name and residential address of any drivers involved in the accident, it's also helpful to get their phone number and licence details.

This ensures that you don't need to pay an excess if the accident wasn't your fault. It also means we can deal directly with all the people involved on your behalf, saving you time, hassle and stress.

If possible, it also helps to get the make, model and number plate of any cars involved, plus the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident.

What if I don't have the details of the other driver?

  • If the damage to your car was caused by another driver we need their name and residential address to allow us to recover the cost of your repairs. We'll attempt to contact the other driver using any information that you can provide
  • Often there are times when we can't contact the other driver, for example, a hit and run type incident. In this scenario, you'll be required to pay the excess towards the cost of your repairs
  • If you don't have all their details right now, you can add them at a later date if you're able to obtain them

Do I get a hire car?

If your car has been stolen, we will provide a hire car for up to 21 days with our Comprehensive policies. If we agree you are not at fault and you can identify the at fault party, we may be able to arrange a hire car at no cost to you. For any other types of incidents, if you have hire car cover included in your policy, one will be organised for you on the day you drop your car at one of our Partner Repairers (or before if your car cannot be driven). To check whether you have hire car cover included in your policy, log into your My Membership Online account. If you don't have hire car cover we can arrange one for you at a discounted rate.

What happens next?

  • We’ll always get you to take your car for an inspection if there’s damage. Once that’s complete and we have agreed on the repairs you can deal directly with the repairer to get your repairs booked in at a time convenient to you. If you're looking for a specific repairer our webchat consultants are on hand to assist
  • We’ll usually get you to pay your excess direct to the repairer when you collect your car. But if the damaged was caused by another person that we can recover the costs from you won’t be required to pay an excess
  • If after the inspection you decide that the cost of the damage is less than the excess and it’s not worth going ahead with the claim you can cancel the claim.