What to do at the accident scene?

What information do I need to collect?

  • The name, address, phone number and licence details of any drivers involved in the accident
  • The make, model and number plate of any cars involved in the accident
  • The contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident

Don't worry, we'll deal with all the people involved in the accident on your behalf. Even if you don't have all the details, you can still start your claim now and add more information later. If you need help during the process, our claims team can answer any questions you may have on web chat.

What's the best way to document the damage?

  • Take photos of the accident if you can. Pictures of damaged vehicles, location of the incident, number plates and the other driver’s licence will all be useful for your claim. You can upload these all after you lodge your claim online

You can provide details of any damage and describe how it happened when you make a claim online

Should I drive my car?

You should only drive your car if it's in the condition that's safe for you and any passengers. Don't drive your car if:

  • The lights or brakes aren't working
  • It's difficult to get in or out of the car
  • Damaged bodywork could cause injury or interfere with driving
  • There are leaking fluids or signs of engine damage

If your car isn't safe to drive, call us for a tow 24/7

Should I call the police?

Most importantly, call an ambulance first on 000 if you or anyone else is injured.

You don’t need to call the police for every incident, however you should call them if:

  • You feel unsafe
  • The accident is causing a traffic hazard
  • You believe alcohol or drugs may be involved