Not at fault accident - with another insurer

Provided you were in an accident with a vehicle that's insured by RACV and you weren't at fault, then:

  • We may be able to provide you a hire car for the duration of your car's repairs
  • We can organise the smash repairs for you in our Partner Repairer network

Simply give us a call on 1300 763 324 and we'll do the rest for you.

What are the benefits of using an RACV Partner Repairer?

Our trusted RACV Partner Repairers have the skills and technology to deliver the highest quality of repair and the workmanship of all authorised work they undertake is guaranteed for as long as you are the owner of your vehicle.

  • We’ll help you choose the RACV Partner Repairer most convenient for you - there are over 90 locations across Victoria - on average, driveable cars will be repaired in less than a week of going in for repairs.
  • RACV will also cover your taxi ride from and to an RACV Partner Repairer (up to $80 each way) to make is easy for you to drop off your vehicle and pick it up, and you may also be able to access our exclusive hire car rates - from $34 a day - to keep you moving while your car is being repaired.
  • RACV Partner Repairers are backed by a quality framework and we are the only insurer to publish annual reports on our repair standards.

We have established our RACV Partner Repairers on the basis of what’s best for our members, who ultimately benefit not only through quality and convenience – but more affordable premiums.

What type of car will I get?

We’ll do our best to arrange a car that meets your needs. Please discuss your requirements with us and we’ll try our best to accommodate them.