Not at fault accident - with RACV

Provided your car is insured with an RACV Comprehensive Car policy, we agree you weren't the at fault driver in an accident with another vehicle, and you can provide us the name and address of the driver who was, then:

  • We'll arrange a free hire car if you need one
  • We can manage all the repairs for you in our Partner Repairer network
  • There will be no impact to your premiums
  • You won't need to pay an excess
  • All you need to do is start a claim and we'll do the rest for you.
  • To find out more about claiming, visit our Car Insurance claims page

What if I don't have the contact details of the at fault driver?

In this scenario, you wouldn't be eligible for this cover. Although, we can still arrange a hire car for you at our discounted rates if you need one.

If you already have the hire car option on your policy, we'll organise a hire car for you in line with your policy coverage.

You can start a claim to confirm your policy's hire car coverage.

I have the hire car option on my policy. How is this different?

With your hire car option on your policy, we provide you with a hire car regardless of who was at fault in any incident we cover. This includes incidents, such as hail damage and collision with an animal, or where there's no other party involved.

The not at fault hire car cover is available to all our Comprehensive Car Insurance policy customers, whether they have the hire car policy option or not. We offer this when you're not at fault in a collision with another vehicle and you can provide us with the at fault driver's name and address.

What type of car will I get?

We’ll do our best to arrange a car that meets your needs. Please discuss your requirements with us and we’ll try our best to accommodate them.