Pricing effective 1 August 2021 until 31 July 2022.

Broken down and need assistance? We’re just a phone call away.

What’s included in RACV Total Care

  • Assistance for other drivers and vehicles
    You'll get assistance in any vehicle you're driving. Plus, anyone driving your nominated vehicle can get assistance.
  • Unlimited Callouts
    There's no limit on emergency roadside assistance callouts.
  • Flat tyre
    We’ll swap out your flat or damaged tyre with your roadworthy spare.
  • Flat Battery
    We’ll jump start your flat battery or help you buy a new one.
  • Towing for your vehicle and caravan or trailer
    Metropolitan areas:
    100km in any direction from where you’ve broken down.
    Country areas: 100km in any direction from where you’ve broken down, or to the nearest attending RACV Service Centre.
  • Free fuel
    We’ll bring 5 litres of free fuel to get you to the nearest service station if you run out in Victoria.
  • Locked out
    If we can’t unlock your car, we’ll provide $350 towards the cost of a professional locksmith.
  • Mechanical breakdown benefits
    Within 100km of home:
    receive up to $300 in total per incident to use on taxi fares or alternative transportation.
    Over 100km from home:
    receive up to $2400 in total per incident to use on accommodation, car hire and taxis.
  • Taxi benefits Australia-wide
    We’ll book and cover you for three taxi trips (up to $100 each) per breakdown. 
  • Bike assist
    Roadside assistance if for any reason you can’t ride your bike whether it’s a puncture, mechanical problem or even exhaustion.
  • RACV Membership
    By signing up to RACV Roadside Care, you'll automatically become an RACV Member where you can take advantage of a range of offers and discounts across motoring, retail, travel and more.
  • Accident or collision damage
    You can’t access breakdown services or towing as a result of an accident or collision. 
  • Unroadworthy
    If your vehicle is unroadworthy we may refuse assistance.
  • Caravans and trailer breakdowns
    If the breakdown only occurs to the caravan/trailer and not your towing vehicle, alternative transport and taxi benefits aren’t available. Accommodation benefits are only available if the Caravan is being towed by a nominated vehicle.
  • Restricted Areas
    Some areas aren’t accessible to our patrol vans. These areas include:
    • open fields
    • beaches
    • creek beds
    • recreation ovals
    • logging or forest service roads.
  • Size and weight
    Size and weight limits apply to the types of vehicles, caravans and trailers we can service. For details, refer to page 16 of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Motorcycles
    We can only help with petrol and towing, not parts.
  • Fire damage
    Roadside assistance is only available for fire damage when the damage is limited to the vehicle’s engine.

For a full list of inclusions, exclusions and benefits please refer to Emergency Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions for the exact entitlement.

Why choose RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance

24/7 Australia-wide coverage

We've helped 756,954 Aussie motorists in the last year alone.

Unlimited annual callouts

When you purchase a subscription with us, there's no cap on service callouts.

Member benefits

Save with a range of exclusive discounts and offers, and be rewarded for your loyalty.

Purchase RACV Total Care today and make the most of benefits on and off the road.

Other Emergency Roadside Assistance options

Extra Care


Mid-level option that includes 60km of metro and regional towing, plus essential taxi, accommodation and car hire benefits. Great for people who travel in-and-out of town. 

Covers one vehicle, but you can add others at an extra cost.

Roadside Care


Basic roadside assistance including 20km of metro towing. Ideal for those who drive in metropolitan areas.

Covers one vehicle, but you can add others at an extra cost.

Frequently asked questions

How does roadside assistance work?

  1. Call RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance
    Call 13 11 11 and let us know your name, where you’re located and what’s gone wrong. If you’re not an Emergency Roadside Assistance Member, don’t stress. We can sign you up when you call. 
  2. Wait for help
    We’ll register the job and send one of our signature yellow patrol vans to help. You’ll also get an SMS if you’re in metro Melbourne so you can track its arrival.
  3. Patrol van arrives
    A trained mechanic will ask you questions and run a diagnostic test to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle.  
  4. Tow or repair
    9 out of 10 call outs are fixed on the spot. If we can’t, we’ll arrange to tow your vehicle to a repairer.

Are other drivers and vehicles covered by Total Care?

Total Care covers anyone driving your nominated vehicle. You're also covered in any other eligible vehicle you drive.

Plus, caravans and trailers are covered when towed by your nominated vehicle, or any car you’re driving.

Can I choose how often I pay for my roadside assistance?

Yes, you can pay for your yearly subscription upfront or by the month. Keep in mind that administrative fees apply for monthly payments (up to 50c a month – that’s up to $6 over the year).

If you’re an existing RACV Member, you could get a discount on your subscription, based on your years of membership.

What’s the best roadside assistance for me?

It depends on where you drive. Based on our current members, we suggest:

RACV Roadside Care if you’re more of a city driver and rarely travel to regional or rural areas

RACV Extra Care if you usually stay local, but take frequent trips out of town

RACV Total Care if you travel long distances, drive multiple cars or multiple people drive your nominated vehicle (like a partner or child)

If you have a caravan or trailer, Total Care or Extra Care might suit you – they both include a level of assistance if the towing vehicle breaks down. Plus, you’re covered if you get locked out of your caravan or it gets a flat tyre.

Size, weight limitations apply. You can find details in the Terms and Conditions.

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Monetary limits apply to individual breakdown benefits. All benefits in the table are subject to limitations and exclusions. Please refer to Emergency Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions for the exact entitlement.

The information provided is general advice only. Before making any decisions please consider your own circumstances and the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determinations. For copies, visit As distributor, RACV Insurance Services Pty Ltd AFS Licence No. 230039 receives commission for each policy sold or renewed. Insurance product(s) issued by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia ABN 93 004 208 084 AFS Licence No. 227678.