How to make the ultimate matcha (green tea) cake

matcha powder behind with green tea cake topped with macarons berries and flowers in front

Jacinta Costanzo

Posted September 09, 2022

The desserts are greener when matcha is involved. Here’s how pastry chefs in Melbourne create the ultimate sweet treat for green tea lovers.

If you think you’re seeing more green coffees or smoothies lately, you’re not wrong. Matcha, made by grinding green tea leaves into fine powder, has become an increasingly popular alternative to coffee, and now it’s the latest trend in Melbourne’s ever-evolving dessert scene.

Le Petit Gateau pastry chefs have incorporated green tea flavours to create the Madame Yuzu Green Tea cake, a modern twist on the classic sponge. Whether you’re a cake connoisseur or seeking a new favourite, it’s a must try from one of Melbourne’s best patisseries.  

Taste the enhanced green tea flavours of this layered cake at Le Petit Gateau

The buttery taste of almond friand mixed with matcha powder as the sponge base, paired with layers of yuzu creamy and white chocolate matcha tea mousse, forms this uniquely-textured dessert.

Le Petit Gateau Executive Pastry Chef Amit Sinha describes the matcha powder itself as having a “floral taste”.

When added to base ingredients, “it enhances the flavour of the matcha, and gives a nice and sweet taste,” he says.

Finally garnished and topped with Chantilly cream, meringues and macarons, this cake adds to Le Petit Gateau’s selection of speciality cakes including Orange and Almond, Black Forest and the decadent Hazelnut Mille Feuille.

So, if you're wanting to experience a taste of Japan in Melbourne's laneways, or need an extra reason to book your next international Japanese adventure, a slice of cake may be what you need.


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