How to choose the right gardening service for you

person with yellow gloves using garden shears on a hedge


Posted December 03, 2020

From landscaping to lawn mowing, what are the most common gardening services?

Looking after your garden can be a big task even if it’s a small garden because there are many different aspects to pay attention to.

If you don’t have a green thumb, it can be worth hiring a gardener to save you time and restore your front or backyard. Gardeners will bring their own equipment to carry out the job you require. Plus they’ll often give you tips about ongoing solutions so you can keep your garden green and healthy.

Six of the most common gardening services

Whether it’s a couple of metres of grass or plans for an extreme hedge maze, there are many forms of garden maintenance and types of gardener to go with them. Some common gardening services are:

Lawn mowing

Lawns can grow fast, especially when there’s been recent rain so you may consider a regular lawn mowing service. Make sure to mow when the grass is dry and at the proper height for your grass type, otherwise you risk stunting your lawn’s growth.


A weed is any plant growing where it’s not wanted and often in competition with other surrounding plants. Make sure to pull up weeds by the roots and prevent any seeds from falling onto your lawn in the process to prevent unwanted regrowth.


Pruning or cutting away overgrown or dead branches from trees, plants, and bushes is a great way to encourage growth in your garden and keep it looking tidy throughout all seasons. Protected plant life and larger tree removal may require the services of an arborist. 


Fertilising your lawn and garden can keep your plants and grass looking green and lively all year round. It’s a great way to strengthen your plants against pests and drought and encourages the growth of flowers, herbs and vegetables. 


sprinkler spraying water onto a lawn

Choosing the right gardening service is crucial in maintaining your garden's health and appearance.



Covering soil with mulch helps conserve moisture below and improves the health of soil, leading to stronger plants, foliage, and flowers. Mulch is commonly made of organic materials such as leaves, wood chips, or compost.


Consider thorough landscape design to make the most of your outdoor space, installing water features or outdoor artwork, and planting trees in a visually pleasing and functional way. 


How to choose the right gardening service for you

Your garden plans will dictate what kind of tradesperson you need. The following three trades are different options available to consider when choosing garden maintenance options for your yard:


Gardeners are diverse in their skill sets and can do almost any maintenance job around the garden, including pruning, weeding, and lawn care. Hiring a gardener on a regular basis can keep your garden in check and looking beautiful.

Landscape designer

A landscape designer can assist you in planning your garden in an aesthetically pleasing way that doubles as a functional space, working with your local conditions and climate. They usually provide end-to-end landscaping project management, including sourcing flora and building or installing features like decking, sculptures or water features. A landscape designer is perfect for the job if you’re after a complete garden transformation - find one through RACV Home Trades & Services.


An arborist specialises in the health and management of individual trees, bushes and vines. They can also be called in to assess the safety of existing trees and work with local areas on tree removal to ensure safety to surrounding properties or electrical wires. If you have a large, decaying tree on your property then an arborist is likely to be the expert trade you need. If you live in an area with vegetation protection, an arborist can assist with a tree report to support applications with your local council.


Take the stress out of gardening

If you're after ongoing services, your chosen tradie may offer you a discount so don't be afraid to ask. When it comes to choosing the right tradie, make sure you choose an experienced gardener, landscaper, or arborist who has the right certifications and insurance. Need help? RACV Home Trades & Services has the right tradie for the job.