Where to charge an EV in Victoria

woman plugging an EV charger into her car

Danny Baggs

Posted December 07, 2023

There are more electric charging stations opening up across the country. Here are the most common places you can charge an EV in Victoria.

Where to charge an electric vehicle (EV) is often top of mind for many current and prospective EV drivers. Happily, there are plenty of EV charging options already available across Victoria and wider Australia, with this number growing rapidly to cater to growing demand.

Where you can charge an EV in Victoria

Road trips with good EV charger coverage

There are plenty of great EV road trip routes across Australia thanks to rapidly expanding charging networks.

Within Victoria, consider Melbourne to Adelaide or Sydney. On the way to Adelaide, there’s a Chargefox charger in Horsham and a Supercharger in Keith. 

En route to Sydney, you can find a Supercharger just north of Gundagai and another in Wodonga. Melbourne to Wilsons Promontory is another beautiful road trip full of beach scenery: make a pit stop at RACV Inverloch Resort for a Chargefox and Tesla EV charger.

The Great Ocean Road is perhaps Victoria’s most famous road trip, taking you from Torquay to Warrnambool with plenty of iconic landmarks like the 12 Apostles along the way. Charge up at RACV Torquay Resort, the Best Western Motel in Apollo Bay, and hotels near the waterfront in Warrnambool.

At home

Currently, the majority of EV charging occurs at home. It’s usually the most convenient way to charge an EV, and aside from free destination chargers, it’s often the most cost-effective method - especially if the property has solar.

EVs can usually be plugged into any standard AC outlet with a portable charger (up to 2kW), but this is the slowest way to charge an EV. By investing in a dedicated EV charger (7kW), you can charge your EV three times faster.

RACV home EV chargers are compatible with all EVs sold in Australia and can add up to 100km of range in around 2.5 hours. You can even schedule your home EV charger to only charge during off-peak energy times, or to charge using excess solar energy, further reducing the cost to charge your EV.

Learn how to charge your EV at home | RACV

At destination and highway EV chargers

Many public carparks at destinations like shopping centres, libraries, parks and community centres are now installing EV charging stations so you can top up during your visit. For example, the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Zoo, and MCG all have EV charging stations. The RACV City Club and RACV Resorts all have EV chargers available too.

Select EV chargers are also positioned along popular driving routes throughout Victoria, such as the Great Ocean Road. These stations usually offer fast or ultra-rapid DC charging to get you back on the road quickly.

You can check whether your destination has an EV charging station (or whether there’s one nearby) using PlugShare, a free EV Charging Station Map. Just enter your location and select the plug type you need.


person charging their EV at a destination charging station

Many public destinations now have EV charging stations. Image: Shannon Morris

At specific network EV charging stations

Chargefox is Australia’s largest EV charging network, with new chargers being added regularly. Their network comprises a range of charging technology, from standard AC chargers to DC ultra-rapid chargers that can add up to 400km of range in less than 15 minutes. Plus, their DC ultra-rapid chargers are powered by renewable energy.

Download the Chargefox mobile app to easily find your nearest compatible charger and check charger prices and availability. After plugging in, you can use the app to start your charging session. It will let you know the real-time charging status, so you don’t need to check your car until you’re ready to leave. You can then use the app to pay for your charging, if required.

RACV Members save 10% at Chargefox ultra-rapid charging stations across Australia.

Learn how to charge an electric vehicle on the go with Chargefox | RACV

At work

More and more workplaces are installing EV charging stations for their employees. If your workplace offers EV charging, you could conveniently charge up while you work. Also, many secure car parks in cities are adding EV charging bays, with some starting to offer monthly subscriptions to gain exclusive access to an EV charging bay. This may suit EV owners who live in apartments without EV charging facilities or properties without off-street parking.


Tesla Supercharger EV plug charging a white Tesla car

More and more workplaces are installing EV charging stations. Image: Getty

RACV Members save 10% on Chargefox ultra-rapid charging stations.
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