RACV Security Monitoring

Let us keep an eye on your home for you

  • Security patrol included

    Access to Security Patrol services, providing a rapid response when you need it most.

  • Quality security solution

    Combine RACV Security Monitoring with a high-quality RACV Alarm System, or add the service to your existing alarm system.

  • Technical service support

    When monitored with RACV, we will provide you with ongoing technical support for your alarm system.

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On average a Victorian home is broken into every 10 minutes. Prevent your home from being a target for thieves by adding RACV Security Monitoring (24/7 back-to-base monitoring) to your home security system.

RACV 24-hour security monitoring service includes access to security patrols  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

RACV security patrol services may include:*

  • Dispatch of a security patrol officer to the monitored premises, in accordance with your response choices (separate fee applies)
  • Inspection of the monitored premises for signs of intrusion
  • Provision of assistance as required to you or emergency services
  • A key service where our patrols hold your keys to enable them to undertake an internal search of your home when required
  • Trained and licensed security patrol staff

RACV Patrol Attendance Guarantee

RACV’s patrol response fee will be waived for any patrol in Metropolitan Melbourne or Nominated Regional Centres that arrives more than 45 minutes after authorised dispatch

*RACV’s security patrol service is available within Metropolitan Melbourne and Nominated Regional Centres. Outside of these regions, patrol response is provided on a best-endeavours basis at the time of an event

Connect RACV Security Monitoring to your existing alarm system

RACV Security Monitoring can be connected to almost any home security system. RACV's fully qualified technicians will ensure your system is compatible and will integrate it with RACV's Central Monitoring Station.

RACV Security Monitoring offers you:

  • Back-to-base monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A response team of security vehicles (separate fee applies)
  • A service that signals an emergency at the touch of a button
  • Protection against alarm tampering
  • Optional internal smoke detectors that will report directly to the monitoring station
  • Fault detection and reporting
  • Notification when a power failure occurs
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Combine RACV Security Monitoring with RACV Emergency Home Assist

RACV Years of Membership Benefits apply to RACV Security Monitoring

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    5-9 years


  • Silver
    10-24 years


  • Gold
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