Good design can make all the difference

The Australian residential landscape is a rich tapestry of architecture. We have homes of every variety ranging from the classic Victorian through to large farmsteads with impressive wrap around verandas.

But regardless of what kind of home you live in, keeping warm in winter and cool in summer without it costing a small fortune is important to most of us. 

Good design is half the battle when it comes to running an efficient home. We tested a few theories when designing the RACV Tiny Home with help from Architect, Peter Maddison.

Passive design maximises the use of natural assets like sun and shade to maintain a comfortable temperature (18-25C). The less heating and cooling required to achieve this temperature, the cheaper your home is to run.

Front façade of RACV Tiny Home

Insulation is critical to the performance of any home. In addition to regular insulation, we used a product called PhaseChange. The PhaseChange ‘ENRG Blanket’ acts as a thermal mass product to help regulate the temperature inside the home. Absorbing and releasing energy, the ENRG Blanket is made from natural products and prevents major fluctuations in internal temperature. 

Windows can make a huge difference. In fact, good quality windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home by up to 30%! 

How can you use this advice if you're not designing a home from scratch?
Use the tips differently. For example, cover windows with curtains, use external shading on windows and think about getting some door ‘snakes’ to seal any draughty gaps at the bottom of doors. All of these things can reduce your costs when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

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