Building the tiny home in pictures

See how the RACV Tiny Home came together, from conception, through building, to interior decoration.

From concept to reality, see how our tiny home with BIG ideas came to be

Yellow truck transporting RACV Tiny Home
RACV Energy & Smart Living managers collaborating
Kieran Davies interviewed for Tiny Home
RACV Tiny Home construction team
Planning inside the RACV Tiny Home frame
Construction frame of tiny house
Peter Maddison sketching tiny house plans
Arlo security camera for RACV Tiny Home
Team relaxing at Tiny Home construction
Façade of two black and white houses
Exterior of black and natural wooden house
White and pink Victorian terraced houses
Pink and teal house exterior
Glass living room with modern architecture
Film crew with Tiny Home architect and manager
Peter Maddison filmed for interview
Man standing in cobblestone laneway
Lighting setup for Peter Maddison interview
Styling Kieran Davies for an interview
Filming interview about RACV Tiny Home
Tiny Home Project Architect discussing plans
Partially constructed Tiny Home
Peter Maddison leaving Tiny Home construction
Texile artist selecting wool for RACV Tiny Home
Fabric samples for RACV Tiny Home
RACV Tiny Home kitchen interior
Bedroom inside RACV Tiny Home
Mother and daughter inside RACV Tiny Home
RACV Tiny Home in country field
Children playing outside RACV Tiny Home
Woman sitting on tiny house porch
View from inside the Tiny Home