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45% off electricity usage charges and 30% off gas usage charges*

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It's Autumn. Renovate your energy bills with Simply Energy.

RACV’s partnership with Simply Energy provides exclusive energy offers to RACV’s 2.1 million members.

Simply Energy’s base offer is 30% off electricity usage charges and 15% off gas usage charges; to further reward RACV members Simply Energy has provided an additional 15% off.

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, choose one of the exclusive GreenPower accredited renewable energy offers and Simply Energy will source a percentage of your electricity usage from accredited renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, bioenergy and water.  

If choosing one of Simply Energy’s GreenPower offers, a percentage of your standard discount is re-allocated to off-set your contribution. You can find out more about GreenPower here

RACV members can also enjoy the following benefits:                           
- No exit fees – Simply Energy RACV member offers also have the freedom of no exit fees, which means you’re not locked in.
- By signing up online, RACV members will receive up to $100 welcome credit when signing up to electricity and gas

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RACV member discounts

RACV member discounts



Simply RACV Plus



Simply RACV Plus 10% GreenPower



Simply RACV Plus 20% GreenPower



*Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions apply, see for full details. Offer is available to residential customers in Victoria. Not available in all areas. Gas only available in conjunction with electricity. Discounts only apply to the usage charges of our market contract rates and do not apply to other charges such as supply charges. If you’re an existing customer, the rates may not be the same as the rates of your current offer. Ongoing contract with a 24 month benefit period. Energy price fact sheet available at A $50 credit will be applied to your first electricity and gas bill you receive after you accept this offer. Customers that only sign up their electricity will get a $50 credit. The credit(s) will be applied prior to GST and not redeemable for cash.

Existing customers
Please note that if you are an existing Simply Energy customer, the rates for this new offer may not be the same as the rates for your current offer. Even though the new RACV offers have higher discounts than previous RACV offers, the discounts may be off different rates. Please check the rates for this new offer to make an informed decision.

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