New car win makes P-plater’s birthday

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P-plate competition winner stands in front of her car

When Mikayla Royal answered a call on her 20th birthday last week, she didn’t expect to find RACV on the end of the line telling her she’d won a brand-new car with RACV Drive School.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock and couldn’t stop screaming, utter shock, over the moon,” she said.

Her driving test was already booked, and then she got to book in to pick up her new Corolla Ascent Sport the same afternoon.

Mikayla, who lives in Aspendale Gardens, was already considering a Corolla because of its safety features.

“I was working really hard to save for a car, I was looking for a second-hand one and looked at a Toyota Corolla.”

Mikayla said she liked the Corolla’s comfortable seats and safety features.

“It’s got the five-star rating and it’s important specifically for P-platers to have because they’re new on the roads,” she said.

Competition winner receives her keys

After passing her driving test, she got to drive her new wheels home the same day.

Mikayla said her RACV Drive School instructor Marcel Peralta (pictured right) was “absolutely incredible”.

“Marcel was amazingly patient and kind, I never felt rushed or judged, it was such a warm learning environment.”

Happy to be independent, Mikayla will mainly use her car to get to her job as a swimming instructor, “the best job in the world”. She also plans to take her sister to school, “much to her embarrassment”, and may go on a road trip if her mum lets her.

“I’ll have to get permission!”

While the Corolla is the biggest thing Mikayla has won, it’s not the first. She won a TV while at primary school and a Bob the Builder playset when she was three or four.

“You had to colour in a picture and according to mum all I coloured in was the eyes and I won,” she said.

For extra peace of mind – and to hopefully get her road trip over the line - RACV also gave Mikayla Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Written by RACV
August 23, 2017

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