5 amazing images from 2018 (that you didn't see)

RoyalAuto magazine

From a Mustang in the inner suburbs to camel rides in Uluru, RoyalAuto Art Director Lisa Luscombe picks the five best photos from 2018 that you’ve never seen. 

December 2018. 

Lake Tyrrell: Victoria’s mirror to the sky

Photographer: Anne Morley

Lisa: ‘Anne Morley’s work is always nothing short of inspiring. The editions that feature her work always take longer to complete because I have such a tough time deciding what to leave out. It’s a decision, as an art director, I love to have. Anne’s images from Lake Tyrrell blew me away. Every image was spectacular, with amazing colours, textures, light and detail.’

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Escape to Cape Schanck

Photographer: Anne Morley 

Lisa: ‘Cape Schanck Resort was many years in development and it was exciting to visit with photographers Anne Morley and Shannon Morris. Both took an extensive series of remarkable photos of the building and surrounding landscape. Since then many photos of Cape Schanck have been taken and featured, but none quite like this beautiful, magical abstract from Anne Morley. She sees things in a way that no one else does and she’s able to capture that so uniquely.’ 

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My favourite things

Photographer: Shannon Morris 

Lisa: ‘One of the many things I love about Shannon’s work is his diversity. Portraits food, cars . . . he always nails the brief and none more so than with his brilliant portraits for our collectors series. This shot of champion surfer India Robinson was a particular favourite, and I loved the moody black and white.’

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A closer look at Uluru

Photographer: Anne Morley

Lisa: ‘I’m yet to visit Uluru but, as with every place Anne captures for us, this image makes me want to head straight there. One of the things the RA team prides itself on is showcasing a destination that you may have seen countless times in a new light. Anne is especially talented when it comes to this. The colours, light and textures that she captured of the landscape and her unique viewpoints and compositions once again took my breath away.’

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Pony express: Ford Mustang 2019 road test review

Photographer: Shannon Morris

Lisa: ‘I was very excited to see the new Mustang first hand. Not only did we luck out on getting one that was a magnificent colour (it certainly turned heads on the day) but we had a cracker of a day when we shot this in October for our summer issue.

I really wanted that summer LA vibe from the shoot and photographer Shannon Morris nailed it. Shooting cars is not as easy as one might think, but Shannon’s unique compositions and angles made for a very eye-catching shoot - like this low-angle street shot taken in Albert Park.’

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