The ultimate spring cleaning checklist

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Nicola Dowse

Posted September 04, 2023

Spring has sprung, meaning it’s time to shake of the last throes of winter and clean your house. Check out these handy tips, tricks, and tutorials to get your home looking brand new in no time.

Ever wondered where the idea of spring cleaning comes from?

The custom of tidying our homes at the end of winter is thought to have its roots in both Jewish and Persian traditions. Regardless of how and why it started, spring makes a great time to shake off those winter blues and get on top of any neglected household chores with a range of tips and tricks to get your home sparkling clean.

Doing a top-to-bottom clean out of your house can appear daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow this guide to get every room of your house clean and organised so you can get outside and enjoy the spring bloom.

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The Organising Platform's Chelsea Smith walks us through how to clean your home the natural way.


The daily use of the home kitchen means that it can quickly accumulate grease, grime, and strange smells.  

Having a supply of bi-carb and vinegar can help with kitchen cleaning tasks like making your sinks sparkle, removing benchtop stains, and refreshing your microwave.  

If your oven racks are looking less than glamorous, you’re not alone. A survey of RACV Members found that cleaning the oven was the most disliked household chore - but there are ways to make it easier. Try soaking them wrapped in foil with a dishwasher tablet for a few hours before wiping them clean of grease.

Grease around cooktops and rangehoods can also be removed using essential oils - orange and eucalyptus work well and also smell great. 

Stinky kitchen bins? Deodorise using soapy boiling water and leaving to steep for an hour. Pour out the water then repeat, this time scrubbing to remove any tough stains.  

Once its been cleaned, consider an overall of areas like your drawers and kitchen pantry - give it the makeover that home edit dreams are made of! 

If you’ve noticed appliances in your kitchen not working their best, you might be able to solve the problem yourself – for example, clogged dishwashers aren’t as daunting as they might seem.  

Keep in mind that some household jobs – including those that involve electricity or gas – should only be performed by professionals.

woman cleaning kitchen bench

Bi-carb and vinegar can help to remove benchtop stains. Image: Getty


Cleaning your bathroom is often loathed due to the amount of chemicals required. If you don’t want to go down that route, there are eco cleaning options available that utilise household products like vinegar, bi-carb and lemon. 

As well as wiping and cleaning all surfaces, look to minimise your risk of mould by keeping areas clean and dry with enough natural air. 

Even just decluttering and reorganising your bathroom space can make a world of difference. Throw out all those empty product containers and reorganise your bathroom cupboards and counters in a way that prioritises the items you use the most. 

If your loo is looking a bit manky and isn't a self-cleaning Japanese toilet, you can also freshen it up using shaving cream. Just apply the cream around and on the toilet, let it sit for about an hour, then wipe clean to remove lingering smells and stains.


Bathroom cleaning mistakes


Spring presents a great time to clear out and reset your wardrobe, allowing you to take stock of what you actually wear and reorganise the space.

If you haven’t worn something in two years or more, that’s probably a good sign you should sell or donate the item.  

Once you know what you’re keeping, look into updating your wardrobe to add more storage space. An additional hanging rail can double your horizontal space, while adding shelf dividers or even a shoe rack can make use of otherwise empty areas.

If you come across any clothes you haven’t worn due to stains, wear or tear, reacquaint yourself with the best practice for cleaning every type of material to extend their life.  


woman tidies her cupboard

Clearing out your wardrobe can create a lot of space. Image: Getty

Kids' room

Any parent will attest that keeping their children’s rooms clean is something of a Sisyphean task. It doesn’t have to be though.

The first step is to get little ones pitching in, with children as young as three able to help out and learn how to keep their space tidy.

 If you’re doing a big clean out, it’s handy to keep three bags on hand (one to keep, one to donate and one to throw out) to sort through clothes, books and toys.

In addition to the vacuuming and dusting, spring also presents a great opportunity to tackle child-specific cleaning duties, like removing marks from the wall and disinfecting toys.  

It might also be worth reassessing the current division of household labour, and looking at where your kids can help out with general household chores.


young girl helps clean the bath

Even very young children can complete basic chores. They might even find it fun! Image: Getty

Living spaces

Every home has ‘that drawer’. The drawer that is full to bursting with bric-a-brac, dead batteries, random paperwork, stationary and miscellaneous cords.  

Overhaul your messy drawer (or drawers) by hauling everything out, sorting out what needs to be tossed, then reorganising. Change how you think about the space so that you view it as a useful storage space for everyday items, not just somewhere to keep random items out of sight.

Dusting venetian blinds is another commonly forgotten task that is great to tackle in springtime. Make dusting that much easier by attaching a cloth to a pair of tongs and use to dust, while lampshades can be dusted using a lint roller.

If you have a fireplace, make sure it has been regularly maintained and is free from any hazards, which may also be a time to check off your regular home and safety checks overall. 

After a good vaccum and mop, remember that stubborn pet hair in carpet or the couch can be removed with a rubber squeegee, or even consider a robot vacuum for everyday use if it gets out of hand. 

if you find the room still appears cluttered even after a good clean, consider some DIY home hacks to invigorate the space on a budget. 

man mopping living room

Mopping the hard floors under all the rugs and furniture is a good task to take on come springtime. Image: Getty


No one wants to tackle outdoor chores during a cold, wet winter, but it’s important to get on top of your garden before it gets too overgrown.

After giving your outdoor space a general tidy up, it’s a good idea to prune back any dead material, renew mulch and fertilise plants – particularly if you’re looking to encourage flower growth.

You might also want to consider installing a compost bin if you haven’t already, as compost can do wonders for your plants. You could even use leftover coffee grounds after cleaning your kitchen to make fertiliser and repel pests from you plants and outdoor furniture. 

Gutters are an area that should be cleaned regularly to remove clutter and debris. As it includes ladder work, consider hiring a professional to get your gutters spick and span over spring. 


man clearing leaves from rooftop gutter

Trained professionals may be needed for household tasks involving a ladder, such as gutter cleaning. Image: Getty


It’s not just your home that needs a spring clean – your car deserves one too.  

Clean out all the clutter that accumulated, being sure to check the spots people usually forget, like under seats, in consoles and gloveboxes. Vacuum out dirt and dust before tackling more fiddly jobs – think dusting your air vents and using a toothbrush to remove grit from cupholders and to remove marks from vinyl.  

Once spick and span, consider using boxes or storage units to keep the interior organised. Even adding a couple of carabiners can make it easier to hang cloths or umbrellas.  

After tackling the interior, learn how to make your vehicle’s exterior look like it’s been professionally cleaned. Soaping the vehicle up and rinsing it off is fine, but if you want it to really shine make sure you’re also cleaning the windscreen wipers, scrubbing the door jambs and getting into all the nooks and crannies – including underneath the car.  


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