Energy-efficient tips for winter

Living Well | RACV | Posted on 01 June 2018

It doesn't take much effort to save a lot when the weather turns cold. 

staying warm in winter

Long hot showers, keeping toasty by the heater and throwing the clothes in the dryer may seem like practical ways to survive the chilly season, but those extra costs can add up over time. Follow these energy-friendly tips to keep snug without draining the budget.

Controlling a cool draught

  • If you feel chilly air, investigate the source before turning up your heater.
  • A possible draught source could be a poorly sealed window or door. 
  • Consider a draught snake for a quick, effective fix. 
  • Install new rubber weather-sealing strips around windows and doors.
  • Invest in double-glazed windows or heavier, layered curtains.

Keep costs down

  • Only heat rooms that are being used and close doors to unused parts of the house.
  • Have your heating systems serviced regularly by a professional.
  • Keep in mind that every degree above 20°C on your thermostat could add another 10 per cent to your power bill.

Wasted energy

  • Dry your washing in front of a heater instead of using a clothes dryer.
  • Consider items in your home that might be wasting electricity. For instance, poorly sealed fridges leaking cold air can force heating systems to work harder.
  • Try using your washing machine and dishwasher at off-peak times when electricity rates are lower.
  • Heating water can be costly, so try to restrict those long hot showers.
  • Take advantage of a low-flow showerhead. The less water you heat, the less energy you use.
  • Check your insulation; more than 45 per cent of heat loss can be caused by poor insulation.