Cruise Travel Insurance: everything you need to know

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Everything you need to know about cruise travel insurance

Australians love to cruise. A whopping 1.3 million Aussies boarded a cruise in 2017 and we’re expected to break through the 2 million mark by 2020. This places us as the second fastest growing cruising country in the world.1

Cruising can be a spectacular way to see the world or even just explore your own country in new, exciting ways. Whether you’re voyaging through the crystal-clear waters of the South Pacific, meandering through the Mediterranean or exploring Australia’s West Coast, cruise holidays can offer everything from total relaxation to action-packed adventure.

However, before you set sail into the sunset, you need to make sure you have the right travel insurance that covers you for cruises.

What is cruise travel insurance and why do I need it

By taking out domestic or international travel insurance with us, you’re covered with automatic cruise travel insurance. Our policy protects your possessions on board, provides cancellation cover if the unexpected happens and covers emergency medical expenses. Most importantly though, it gives you peace of mind, so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the ‘what ifs’.

International cruise travel insurance

What is covered?

Overseas medical expenses and medical evacuation

Cruise ships do have private doctors on board but these are not covered by Medicare. This means that if you require medical assistance you can expect a very expensive bill afterwards. While travelling internationally, private health insurance will not cover these costs, so it pays to have the right Cruise Travel Insurance.

Luckily, we provide cover for overseas medical and hospital, dental and other related expenses. Our overseas medical cover also assists you to find treatment and if necessary, provides medical evacuation.


Life happens. Sometimes even the best laid plans can go awry. Maybe you have a family emergency, miss your flight or fall ill and can no longer make your cruise. Having the right international cruise travel insurance will give you peace of mind.

With us, you will be covered for illness and accident, as well as other unforeseen situations beyond your control, like cancelled flights. You also have cover for travel agent cancellation charges or your lost frequent flyer points.

Luggage and personal items

Most people pack their smartphones, a fancy camera or even sporting equipment when travelling. You can rest assured that your valuables are covered with the right cruise travel insurance.

24-hour emergency assistance

We want to help make your trip as stress-free as possible. You’ll have 24/7 access to our Australian-based team of emergency assistance experts who have a global network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff to assist wherever you go and whenever you need emergency help.

Emergency expenses overseas

We offer cover for additional accommodation, meal and travel expenses if your overseas trip is disrupted due to a natural disaster, serious weather event or even lost passports.

Pre-existing medical conditions and pregnancy

Travelling overseas with a pre-existing medical condition can sometimes be an added complication when it comes to planning a trip. We try to make choosing your cover as simple as possible by clearly outlining our list of covered medical conditions. View our PDS for a complete list of covered pre-existing medical conditions.

For a comprehensive list of what is and isn’t covered on our travel insurance policies, click here.

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International cruise travel insurance policies

We offer a great range of premium international travel insurance policies which automatically cover cruise insurance, providing you with the security and insurance cover you need wherever you are heading. 

Choose the right policy for your needs:

  1. Total Travel Care – For a completely comprehensive cover including unlimited emergency expenses and dental.
  2. Extra Travel Care – Enjoy great inclusions such as cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits, unlimited medical and hospital expenses and travel delay.
  3. Travel Care – Includes our key benefits such as unlimited overseas medical and hospital, emergency expenses and lost luggage.
  4. Annual-Multi Trip Plan - If you are planning on going away more than once over the next 12-months, our multi-trip plan provides comprehensive cover for an unlimited number of trips over a year.

All RACV Members are also rewarded with 15% off your international policy.

Domestic cruise travel insurance

What is covered?

If you’ve booked a cruise that’s only travelling around Australia and isn’t leaving Australian waters, you probably think you need don’t travel insurance. However, domestic travel insurance is important because it covers:

  • lost or delayed luggage,
  • cancellation fees,
  • lost deposits
  • emergency expenses and so much more.

All of which are very important factors if you’re sure to have a great trip. This is why having a domestic travel insurance policy that covers cruises is so important.

Our domestic cruise travel insurance policy

If you're travelling locally in Australian water, our Comprehensive Domestic Plan covers cruise insurance. Just remember to select “Australian Cruise” as your destination when applying for your travel insurance with us. All RACV Members are also rewarded with 15% off your domestic policy.

For a comprehensive list of all the policy benefits on our domestic travel insurance policies, as well as policy options and add-ons, click here.

When should you take out travel insurance?

It’s recommended that you take out cover as soon as you pay for any part of your trip so that you’re covered in case you need to cancel.

Luckily though, you can quickly and easily get travel insurance from us online, up-to right before your trip. Even if you are at the airport ready to fly, there’s time to pack the security of RACV travel insurance for your trip.

Customer reviews

We work hard to give our customers the best service possible. But don’t just take our word for it, read our travel insurance reviews.


1. Annual Report 2016 - 2017 - Australian Cruise Association

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