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From controversial scone techniques to a longing for more purple cars, we present RA’s favourite cartoons of 2018. Inspired by our members’ letters and created by cartoonist Matt Golding.

Year in review
December 2018


Summer in the Parks, Bendigo

Roundabout or forest? 

One might even see wild animals come out of the forest one day.’

One reader’s letter regarding the Amazonian nature of some roundabouts and ideas on appropriate rules of construction. 


Edition: December 17/January18
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Query registration

Fair cop on the rego, officer

‘Am I a tyre-burning hoon?’

A Spring Gully pensioner has a run-in with the law and registers a complaint about an overzealous VicRoads employee.  


Edition: May 
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Urgent blood

Frequently frustrated

‘While we are at it, what about pathology collection cars with ‘URGENT BLOOD’ signs?’

A reader expresses his frustration at ‘nonsense’ signs on the back of cars. 


Edition: August
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The suspension game

Suspension of this belief 

‘Who wants to be a millionaire... I do.’

A Bundoora resident muses over the state of road surfaces and considers a potential career change. 


Edition: October
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Easy e-bike

‘You really appreciate the extra oomph from the motor when there is a strong and relentless headwind.’

A Balwyn North resident expresses his enthusiasm for RACV's interest in electric bikes and dispels a few myths along the way. 

Edition: November 
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December 12, 2017