Part 1 - Strength testing carbon fibre laminate panels

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Team Swinburne conduct structural testing on carbon fibre laminate panels

This week one of our main activities at Team Swinburne was conducting structural testing of the carbon fibre laminate panels for our monocoque chassis to prove the overall strength. The tests were typical three point bend tests, which consist of a laminate panel being supported by two beams and a third beam applying load in the opposite direction.

We conduct this test to find the ultimate strength, Young’s Modulus, and Yield Strength of the panel. There were also pull tests being conducted. These tests are setup by constraining the panel in a frame and pulling a M8 bolt through the panel.  This tests the panel’s ability to withstand loads perpendicular to the panel.

These tests allow us to assess how the chassis will perform when it is fully manufactured and in operation on our 2013 car!!

Written by Jonathan- Bachelor Mechanical Engineering / Business (double degree)
August 26, 2013