RACV Motor Insurance

RACV Car Insurance policy inclusions ensure we are there for our members when it counts, and make our insurance and claims process as easy, transparent, and convenient for our members as possible.

These features have been included as a direct response to recent member feedback and are focused on four key deliverables:

Greater Choice

Members have asked for more flexibility with their policies as a way of keeping their costs down. By introducing a transparent, user-pays option when it comes to which repairer you use should you make a claim, we can fairly reward members who use our RACV Partner Repairer network while still offering ‘choice of repairer’ for those members who value it.

  • You get to choose from over 100 RACV Partner Repairers across Victoria who will deliver great service and a high-quality repair – with all authorised repairs guaranteed for as long as you own your car.
  • RACV Partner Repairers are convenient – about 40 per cent of our network is located in regional and rural areas and the vast majority of our members live within 20 minutes of a partner repairer.
  • We’ve included generous taxi benefits to keep you moving while your car is being repaired by an RACV Partner Repairer, so it’s easy to drop off your vehicle and easy to pick it up again once it has been repaired. We will cover the cost of a taxi (up to $80 each way) from and to an RACV Partner Repairer.
  • You can still choose your own repairer by selecting the ‘Any Repairer’ option with your insurance with us – this allows you to nominate a repairer of your choice for an additional premium.
  • The 'Any Repairer' option can be added at any time to your insurance, except after an incident for which you need to make a claim.

We'll keep you moving

Members have asked us to help them keep their life moving while their car is being repaired and we have made some big changes to assist with this. If you are not ‘at fault’ in a collision and you can identify the driver who was at fault, we’ll arrange and cover the cost of a hire car for you until your car is repaired. This is a new benefit offered under the RACV Comprehensive Motor Insurance and is step-change in how we look after our members. We are one of the first Australian insurers to offer this great benefit.

  • If you are not entitled to a hire car (and you haven’t added the hire car option to your policy) you may be eligible to access our exclusive hire car rates, from $34 a day.
  • We will cover the cost of a taxi (up to $80 each way) from and to an RACV Partner Repairer.

Rating discount

Members have told us the insurance ‘Rating’ structure is confusing and wasn’t working as they expected. To make things simpler, we have removed the ‘Rating’ discount that used to be included in our policies and have done this without impacting the premium we offer you.

  • We will continue to use your age, driving history and any previous claims to offer our best premium to you every time your policy is up for renewal.
  • We will still provide you with a history of how long you have been insured with us and any claims you have made, should you require it.

Premium coverage

In response to member feedback, we have improved our top-of-the-range Complete Care® car insurance policy

  • The Hire Car limit has increased from $88 per day to $100 per day. This gives you greater choice in which hire car you choose until your car is returned to you.
  • In the event of a total loss, total replacement will now be available for cars up to three years old, whereas previously this was only for cars up to two years old.
  • The taxi transport limit has increased to $500 (previously $250) which you can use during the claims process to get you from the scene of an incident, and to or from the car repairer or the hire car company.