• Refunds for disrupted travel due to travel bans

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread disruption to domestic and international travel. Border closures and ‘Do Not Travel’ directives from governments may have prevented you from going on planned trips.

    Coverage under your purchased travel insurance policy may not have been required, either for part or all of your travel, due to this disruption.

    We encourage all customers who purchased a travel policy that included coverage during a travel ban period and may not have received the benefit of the policy, to check their eligibility for a refund.

  • Am I eligible?

    Eligibility for a full or partial refund on your travel insurance policy premium is based on the following. If you:

    • purchased an RACV Travel Insurance product, underwritten by Tokio Marine
    • couldn’t travel on your covered dates due to a travel ban imposed by the Australian government or border closures enforced by state or territory governments
    • have not made a claim on this policy.

Received a letter about your travel refund? Here's what to do next.

  1. Visit the website

    Type in your unique website link to be taken to a fully secured refund calculation portal and complete an identification check.

  2. Check your eligibility

    Answer a series of questions to determine if you’re eligible for a refund.

  3. Provide bank details

    If you’re eligible for any kind of refund, you’ll be asked to provide your BSB and account number within the portal.

  4. Receive refund

    Payments should be processed within 3 to 6 weeks.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

You may be eligible for a refund if you purchased an RACV Travel Insurance product underwritten by Tokio Marine and were unable to travel due to a travel ban period issued by the Australian government, or domestic border closures imposed by state or territory governments, and are not claiming on this policy.

What if I travelled?

If your travel wasn’t prevented by a travel ban issued by the Australian government, you won’t be entitled to a refund on your travel policy.

By travelling, including on the dates unaffected by travel bans, you would have experienced the benefit and coverage of the travel policy, subject to terms and conditions.

I have already made a claim, can I still receive a refund?

If you’ve already made a claim on a valid policy, where your travel dates weren’t disrupted by an authorised travel ban, you should not apply for a premium refund.

You won’t be entitled to a refund if you’ve made a claim under your RACV Travel Insurance Policy.

What if I need to make a claim under my travel policy?

If you need to lodge a claim under your RACV Travel Insurance Policy for plans that weren’t impacted by a travel ban, you can make a claim online.

As your travel was not impacted by a travel ban issued by governments, and you benefited from your RACV Travel Insurance Policy, you will not be entitled to the refund.

A refund is only given to those policies that were not effective because of a travel ban preventing travel on selected dates.

How is my refund calculated?

The amount of your refund will be calculated based on your travel dates that were disrupted. This means the duration you couldn’t benefit from your RACV Travel Insurance Policy.

Your refund amount will be determined after you’ve answered a series of eligibility questions within the refund portal.

How long will the refund take?

Payments should be processed in 3 to 6 weeks into your nominated bank account, following completion of your online refund request.

All refunds will be processed to the nominated bank account details provided. No refunds to Credit Cards, Cheque or Cash.

Your bank statement will show the deposit from Tokio Marine.

Who is Tokio Marine and why are they involved in this process?

Tokio Marine underwrites RACV’s Travel Insurance and provides the global emergency assistance and claims handling services offered in our policies. This is detailed in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

Tokio Marine will be managing the refunds process in their system and processing any refunds to RACV Members. This is in line with expectations issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

RACV Travel Insurance is issued by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd (Tokio Marine) ABN 80 000 438 291, AFSL 246548.

The information provided is general advice only. Before making any decisions please consider your own circumstances and the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determinations. For copies, visit racv.com.au. Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Ltd AR 001243563 is an authorised representative of the issuer and receives commission for each policy sold or renewed. RACV Travel Insurance issued by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd ABN 80 000 438 291 AFSL 246 548. Terms & conditions apply, refer to the PDS.